How To Crop in Illustrator – A complete Guide

How To Crop in Illustrator – A complete Guide

We are familiar with the crop tool in photoshop, today we will learn how to crop in illustrator.

Here is step by step guide to using the crop tool in adobe illustrator.

What is Crop?

A crop is a tool by which you can cut out some part of an image or a vector.

How to Crop Raster Images In Illustrator?

Just Follow these 6 simple steps to cut out the images in illustrator.

Step 1:

Open the raster image into the adobe illustrator that you want to crop.

how to crop in illustrator

Step 2:

Just create a new shape such as a rectangle (any desired size) by pressing shortcut key “M” from the keyboard and place it above the raster image.

Step 3:

Select both layers (raster image + Rectangle) and go to the top menu.

choose Object > Clipping Mask > Make.

how to crop in illustrator

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Step 4:

Select the shape and go to Transparency Tab and change blending mode to “darken”.

transparency tab

Step 5:

Then again go to top menu choose Object > Flatten Transparency

Step 6:

In final step, Choose Object > Expand

how to cut out image in illustrator

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