Illustrator Clipping Mask – How To Use It

Illustrator Clipping Mask – How To Use It

Illustrator Clipping Mask is one of the most powerful tools in the adobe illustrator. Using clipping mask may sound difficult but the fact is it is very easy to use.

In this tutorial, we gonna learn everything about the illustrator clipping mask.

What Is Illustrator Clipping Mask?

Illustrator clipping mask is the tool that allows the topmost layer in the design to define the shape of rest of the art.

Simply, you can allow your audience to view some specific part of the art to emphasize the importance of that particular part. Or you can say that clipping mask allows you to see the art through your topmost object.

Here is the example. 

We have multiple horizontal lines, but we want to see these lines in a circle shape.

Just keep the circle as the topmost layer to mask the lines in circular shape.

Illustrator Clipping Mask


Just go and place the circle object over the lines and clip the mask.

How To Use Clipping Mask in Illustrator?

Create the different shapes and one specific shape that you want to use as the topmost layer for clipping mask.

Select The Both Shapes and Then Right-Click and then click on “Make Clipping Mask” 

Illustrator Clipping Mask

And you are done with clipping mask.

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